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Kanex Multi-Sync Foldable Keyboard with LED - Black

Kanex Multi-Sync Foldable Keyboard with LED – Black

CHF 74.90

The Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is the perfect fold-and-go solution when you need to do some serious typing on your smartphone or tablet.


Kanex GoPower Watch Portable Charger for Apple Watch – Black

CHF 119.00 CHF 79.90

The first of it’s kind, GoPower Watch starts charging your Apple Watch at the touch of a button. That’s it! It’s cordless charging on the go.


Kanex Sydnee 4-Port Charging Station for Mobile Devices – White

CHF 119.90 CHF 99.50

With Sydnee at your desk, you can recharge up to 4 smartphones, tablets, e-readers or MP3 players simultaneously.  Each individual USB port pumps out 2.1-amps/10W of power for quick charging.


Kanex meDrive Local Cloud-Server for iPhone, iPad, Mac – White

CHF 59.90 CHF 49.70

Kanex meDrive makes it easy to wirelessly backup, share and save your family’s photos, videos and documents, from their computers, smartphones or tablets to an external USB hard drive.


Kanex Micro USB ClipOn Cable – Black

CHF 14.90 CHF 12.40

The Kanex micro USB ClipOn Cable allows you to keep a micro USB cable handy at all times. It’s perfect for charging and transferring data from your micro USB device to any USB port. Connect your Android or Blackberry device to your computer